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A hellhole swallows a house in new teaser for Bioware's mysterious paranormal game

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Aug 8, 2014, 4:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Bioware continues to assault our sensibilities with otherworldly imagery in a series of bizarro teasers for its new supernatural game, tentatively titled Shadow Realms.   In this latest "You've Been Chosen" peek into the Lynchian labyrinth of dreamy visions, a starry-eyed elfin girl insists something horrific is "not my fault" as a swirling ranch house descends into an abyssmal hell-pit.  

A previous teaser focused on what really happens when we sleep and had a similar sinisterTwin Peaks flair that felt oddly unsettling.  Exactly what Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) will be eventually releasing should come into crystal focus once the massive Gamescom conference in Germany opens later this month.  Until then, dream on ...

(Via Dread Central)