Help crowdfund Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko's mysterious new comic

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Mar 11, 2014

The guy who helped create Spider-Man is working on a new comic, but he needs your help to finish it.

Steve Ditko, who co-created Peter Parker and company with Stan Lee, has ramped up a Kickstarter to raise funds for his new comic #9 Teen, which he’s creating with former Charlton Comics editor Robin Snyder.

Ditko is a little vague on the specifics, but describes the project as “another story in the ongoing series of Madman plus a unique variety of some of the most original characters in the comics and more.”

The project has a modest goal of $2,100, and they’re within just a few dollars of hitting the goal, so it sounds like this one will definitely be getting a release. Backers can guarantee a copy of the ‘book with a $10 pledge, and snag autographed copies at higher levels.

It’s nice to see Ditko still hard at work, more than a decade after retiring from the public eye and major comic companies. Do you plan on checking this one out?

(Via Digital Spy)

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