Help crowdfund this gorgeous, Blade Runner-inspired short film

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Aug 10, 2017

The Blade Runner-inspired short film Slice of Life has been in the works for more than three years, and now the creators need around $25,000 to get the short film over the finish line.

The creators have launched a Kickstarter to raise $25,000 to finish the 20-minute short film, with most of the funds going to an “extensive miniature shoot” (they used as much old-school, practical effects as possible) and post-production work to put the final touches on the passion project. The short film is basically an homage to Blade Runner, and its clear the filmmakers have painstakingly worked to try and recreate that gritty, neon-soaked aesthetic. Seriously, Blade Runner 2049 will have its work cut out to match this level of dedication.

For the setup, here’s the short film’s synopsis:

Criminals, junkies, prostitutes, punks… and one lonesome drug dealer in the middle of it all, fed up with this ever expanding city and lowlife parasites that inhabit it. He may be well on his way to leave it all behind, but fate has made other plans and his whole world will come crumbling down when a dirty cop with an agenda of his own enters his life.

If you’re interested in kicking in to get this project made, the rewards list is actually pretty great. From a Blu-Ray copy of the film, an art-filled making-of book, a copy of the short film’s original soundtrack on vinyl, and even a screen-used spaceship model — the list is pretty great. You just, you know, have to pony up the cash.

The Kickstarter is open for the next few weeks, so feel free to kick in a few bucks if you’re so inclined.