Help get the uncredited co-creator of Batman a well-deserved Google Doodle

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Jan 9, 2014, 6:17 PM EST (Updated)

Bill Finger might never get credited on a DC Comics masthead, but we can at least get him some recognition from the world's most widely used search engine.

Finger is one of the most important unsung heroes in comic-book history and one of the most prolific writers in the early days of National Comics, the company that would later become DC Comics. He scripted hundreds of stories for Action ComicsAdventure ComicsThe Flash, many of the early Green Lantern stories and more. He's best known among comic-book fans, though, for being the uncredited co-creator of Batman, along with the Joker, Catwoman, the Riddler, Two-Face, the Scarecrow and more. He scripted hundreds (literally) of the earliest Batman stories in both Batman and Detective Comics, and laid much of the groundwork for the Batman mythology with his scripts, but because of a deal Batman co-creator and artist Bob Kane made when he sold the character to National Comics, he is contractually credited on all Batman scripts as the character's sole creator to this day.

Eventually, even Kane managed to acknowledge Finger's contributions to the character after Finger's death, and it's widely accepted among comics professionals (including those in the highest ranks of DC Comics) and fans (including yours truly) these days that Finger was just as important to Batman's creation as Kane, if not more so. Still, Kane got the credit, and the money, and Finger died so poor and anonymous that he didn't even get a funeral. Though DC's hands seem legally tied at the moment in terms of credit for the character, many still hope that one day Finger will share credit for Batman in the pages of modern DC Comics, and few voices in favor of that have been louder than that of author Marc Tyler Nobleman.

Nobleman is the author of Bill the Boy Wonder, an all-ages book, illustrated by Ty Templeton, that tells Finger's story, and reveals just how influential he was in Batman's creation. The book was released in 2012, and Nobleman has remained an outspoken advocate for Finger's co-credit ever since, both through his writing and through public speaking engagements. Back in 2012, hoping to spread awareness about Finger as the release of The Dark Knight Rises loomed, Nobleman sent a proposal email to Google asking that they make one of their popular Google Doodles (a redesign of the search engine's homepage as an homage to a person, story, event or anything else they deem cool) in honor of Finger.

"Bill is widely considered to be the greatest comics writer of his generation (the Golden Age)...and the biggest martyr in comics history," Nobleman wrote in the email (shared on his blog).

Now Nobleman has decided to restart his campaign to get Finger a Google Doodle, because 2014 marks not only the 100th anniversary of Finger's birth (Feb. 8, 1914), but also the 40th anniversary of his death (Jan. 18, 1974) and, of course, the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of Batman (in the pages of Detective Comics #27 in 1939). Nobleman's hoping that the Doodle could be online for Finger's birthday, which is a little less than one month from now, so, if you want in on this campaign, you need to act fast. If you think Bill Finger deserves a Google Doodle (and really, he deserves much more), send an email to now!

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