Help an Indian skeptic get to TAM 6

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Feb 6, 2008

Some skeptics talk the talk, and others walk the walk. Basava Premanand is a skeptic in India who tours his country educating people about the falsehoods of fakirs and gurus. As you can imagine, it's an uphill climb. His country is at least as screwed up as the U.S.

My friend Maria, who writes the blog Masala Skeptic and is also a blogger for Skepchick, wants to get Premanand to the U.S. so he can attend James Randi's The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 in Las Vegas this June. However, it costs far too much for Randi's group to bring him here. Maria is therefore asking for help. She doesn't want money yet; just a pledge so that she can see if it's possible to bring this remarkable man here, where he can share his wisdom and experience with us, and we can support him in return.

Please do what you can for her. She has started a thread on Randi's bulletin board for this to gauge the interest and ability of folks to pledge.

Belief is fantasy in not restricted to the American borders, and neither should skepticism be.

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