Help my friends take hot showers

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Oct 3, 2008

Regular readers know I have a big crush on Pamela Gay, aka Star Stryder. I suspect her husband knows this as well, but he's also a great guy who knows a) I am harmless, and b) he can kill me with a single thought.

But it can't hurt for me to butter him up a little. He and Pamela are both tech-junkies. They have Macs littering their house, and lots of other fun things. But they're having a problem with their more basic tech: the water heater is on the fritz. For some reason, the pilot light keeps going out, and they don't know why.

So Mr. Star Stryder did what any modern person would do: he pointed a webcam at the pilot light and is now streaming video of it.

In fact, take a look!

[Edited to add: I removed the embedded video because the noise was bugging people.]

Is it on? Good! If not, send him a Tweet. Tell him I sent you, and help save my life.

... or, you can just sit and be mesmerized by the blue flaminess of the stream. That's fun too.

Ah, teh intertoobs. Is there nothing they can't do?

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