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Henry Cavill in talks to reprise Superman (sans mustache) for Warner Bros. - Report

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May 27, 2020, 9:35 PM EDT

It's looking likelier than ever that Henry Cavill will don the cape again.

As reported by Deadline and confirmed by Variety, the Mission: Impossible and Witcher star is back in talks with Warner Bros. to reprise his role as Superman, two years after last playing the iconic character in the studio's underwhelming Justice League.

As anyone who's been following the saga of Sup can attest, Warner Bros. dithered on the direction of its DC Extended Universe after Justice League's lackluster box office performance and mediocre critical reception (also not helping: the uncanny valley under Cavill's nose when producers brought him back for reshoots and had to digitally erase a mustache he grew for another part).

As a result, the powers that be at WB opted not to go forward with a previously planned Justice League sequel or a follow up to 2013's Man of Steel.

Instead, studio suits decided to proceed with standalones Wonder Woman and Aquaman, leaving Cavill out in the cold regarding the direction of DC's biggest superhero. The actor reportedly then left the franchise after three Superman appearances, which also included 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But with Warner Bros. now acceding to fan demands and announcing it will release Zack Snyder's fabled Justice League cut on HBO Max in 2021, it doesn't take x-ray vision to see that a reunion of Cavill and Clark Kent might be in the offing.

No word exactly how Superman will fly on the big screen again. Insiders tell Variety that Cavill won't be suiting up for the Snyder Cut, but will likely do a cameo in either Aquaman 2, Suicide Squad 2, or The Batman. But if Snyder's version ends up renewing interest in a new Justice League entry, there could be plenty of adventures to come, be it a standalone or another Superfriends-style adventure.

As for the 'stache that launched a thousand memes and inspired Movember giving, the thesp dropped into Snyder's Man of Steel live watch party last week to express his eagerness to right what a lot of fans have long considered to be a very big wrong.

"For me, having just watched Man of Steel, this was such a big moment," Cavill said. "I would love to see a version of Justice League without the mustache."

And perhaps a few more Superman movies as well.

A rep for Warner Bros. was unavailable for comment.