Henry Cavill teases Superman’s black suit, Clark Kent’s possible storyline for Justice League

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:20 AM EDT (Updated)

Having played Superman since 2013’s Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is a savvy a veteran of the never-ending comic book movie press inquisition. As such, he’s well-versed at being able to avoid spoilers, while at the same time dropping just enough hints to keep the online theories swirling as to Supes’ DCEU meanderings.

And Cavill’s press skills have only improved over time, considering how much he’s had to keep under wraps for Justice League, Nov. 17’s follow up to 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which appeared to find Superman very much dead at the end. Of course, this is the comics, and no one expects Superman to stay dead for long, but the intrigue of his resurrection has only grown since the film.

At times, Cavill has even stoked that intrigue, as he did in August 2016, as Justice League was still shooting the first time around with Zack Snyder. His Instagram post below seemed to suggest that Superman would be wearing a suit bereft of the famous reds and blues for which it is instantly recognizable to the masses:

Dedicated comic bookers also recognized possible hints in the black swath, with many theories deriving from 1992’s “The Death and Return of Superman” arc, somewhat depicted at the end of B v S. In that arc, after appearing to die alongside Doomsday, Superman is resurrected and dons a black, sunlight-absorbent suit to help aid in his recovery. But Cavill remained coy as to what the pic really means. Now, with just 10 days left before JL opens, Cavill’s being even more cryptic than ever.  

When Miami’s WSVN-TV suggested that his Instagram post appeared to show the black suit, Cavil had this to say: “That’s exactly how it appears. I mean, it appears to be a black suit, right?” And then he went onto to play a few more word games with the flummoxed reporter, without confirming or denying anything.

Yet again, Cavill was admittedly tight-lipped on the tight-suit front. So the interviewer went for a different tact, accepting that Cavill wouldn’t explain Superman’s resurrection, and settling for an explanation of how Clark Kent could be resurrected, or why he’d need to be. To which Cavill was a bit more forthcoming…

“Have you read the Rebirth comics? It’s a very different style of Clark Kent and Superman. He actually has a son, as well, with Lois, and they live in a different place; there’s a very different lifestyle and relationship going on. So there’s an opportunity there for that, but there are so many different opportunities, as well, where we can express and play with what and who Clark Kent is.”

So there’s a hint for you, maybe. Or maybe not. Either way, our curiosity is piqued for Nov. 17. What about yours?

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