Henry Cavill's Mission: Impossible mustache inspires Movember giving (or perhaps just marketing)

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Nov 20, 2018, 1:40 PM EST

It may already be the most famous ‘stache since Magnum P.I. (and for the record, that new show on CBS may be billing itself as a reboot, but without the ‘stache, it’s just not Magnum), yet even though it’s gone from the superior face of Henry Cavill, his Mission Impossible mustache continues to grow in legend.

Yesterday, whilst promoting the home entertainment release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the film’s official Twitter posted a ballad-backed ode to Cavill’s well-worn ‘stache, all in the name of Paramount supporting Movember’s annual men’s health initiative. 

For the record, while we’re all for raising Movember awareness and the hashtag #ShavedButNotForgotten, it’s about time we addressed the mustache in the room. Cavill is not donning a mustache at all. This is a beard. In every shot in this montage, the (perfect) chin hair connects with the upper lip hair, and that, according to the truth bible that is the Urban Dictionary, is a beard.

Regardless, Cavill’s legendary facial hair catapulted into infamy when Joss Whedon called upon his already contractually obliged Superman for Justice League reshoots whilst he was in the middle of shooting Fallout. So Whedon and WB had to digitally make do, while Paramount and everyone else laughed at the results. 

Well, though it may have been less than super for Justice League’s sake, for the fame of Cavill’s ‘stache, it was a real boost. And now it’s a boost for Movember, so we probably shouldn’t complain about one more mustache story. But perhaps this can be the last one? (Please, Mustache Gods, we beg of you.)    

Movember is of course the charity organization that seeks to raise money and awareness for men’s health and research, primarily by inviting men to grow moes — aka mustaches —all November long, and get sponsored for looking so studly. You can help support the cause at Movember.com, and take solace in knowing that at least something good came out of all of this mustache mania. 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout drops on digital today, Henry Cavill’s almost-a-mustache and all.