Henry Cavill's mustache grew sentient to promote the new Mission: Impossible

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Feb 6, 2018, 11:23 AM EST

Mission: Impossible - Fallout will bring back nearly all the familiar faces of the franchise and even a few new ones (and sentient mustaches, apparently). Both Angela Bassett (Black Panther) and Henry Cavill (Justice League) join the cast as members of the CIA who—judging from the trailer—are at loggerheads with the Impossible Mission Force over some plutonium. Since Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) was appointed IMF secretary at the end of Rogue Nation, Bassett's character is most likely his replacement as CIA director. Nevertheless, it was Cavill's addition to the blockbuster that nabbed headlines last year over his facial hair, of all things.

The British actor was needed for reshoots on Warner Brothers' Justice League, but he'd already grown a 'stache for Fallout and Paramount refused to let him shave it. Therefore, the effects team on League had to digitally remove Cavill's facial hair for the movie, which created a big hullabaloo in the world of pop culture. The actor comedically addressed the hairy issue in July on Facebook, and he recently did it again for the debut of Fallout's first trailer during the Super Bowl ... sort of. 

It wasn't Cavill who posted on Instagram Sunday to promote the movie, but his mustache, which had gained sentience and taken to social media while its master was asleep to write the following message:

Dear Reader,

Due to the lateness of the hour Henry is now actually in bed, it is a school night after all. Being his moustache however, I require no sleep (or food). So I have taken it upon myself to address you, my lovers and my haters to announce this exciting event! The first trailer is here, my glorious debut! Bathe in my bristly glow! Marvel at my contours and yes, be allured you who are facially able, for our time has come. From the pages of history we shall charge forth and rule the world once more and I shall be your king! Also, I hope the Superbowl is exciting. As I have no eyes, I cannot know what state it's in right now but I do hope it's entertaining! Link in bio. 

If it's got no eyes, how did his 'stache know where all the letters on the keyboard were? Riddle us that! Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible - Fallout returns to save the world for a sixth time on July 27. Is it too late to change the title to Mission: Impossible - Henry Cavill's Smart Mustache?