Henry Cavill explains his 'realistic' take on Superman

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Dec 17, 2012

We already knew that the upcoming Man of Steel was going to be a very different take than the brighter Superman flicks of yore. Now the new Clark Kent himself has opened up about what we can expect.

One doesn't have to look much further than the teaser trailers to see that director Zack Snyder (Watchmen) is aiming for gritty, trying to Dark Knight-up Krypton's favorite son.

Star Henry Cavill offered a unique perspective on the reboot, and said they're merely trying to approach the fantastic from a practical angle—showing off Clark's humanity.

He told Cineplex magazine:

"What I can say is that it's a modernization of the character and a very realistic view of one, obviously, very fantastic individual. It's an unreal situation, but it's approached from a very practical viewpoint. We wanted to make the character easier to identify with ... It's important to do the role justice. There are a lot of people relying on me to do this well. I gladly accept that responsibility, and it's a great one to have because it's a wonderful opportunity. I don't let the pressures get to me because that's going to hinder my performance and, therefore, let people down. So I choose to ignore the pressure side of it and focus on doing justice to Superman."
It makes sense, and if done well, could be a breath of fresh air for the big-screen Superman mythos.

What do you think? Is this the right approach for Superman?