Her Universe's Ashley Eckstein selects the best of Star Wars fashion

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Apr 17, 2015, 2:22 PM EDT

From Boba Fett's armor with distinctive Wookiee braids, to Luke's all-black trailblazing Jedi Knight duds, to the barely-there minimalist approach of Max Rebo's entire band, to Han's blue brown Hoth coat, there are far more than 12 parsecs' worth of notable fashion in the Star Wars universe. In fact, there are so many notable looks that it's difficult to determine who is the strongest with the force of fashion amongst the Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters, smugglers and more. 

Which is why we broke out the big blasters for a little backup. Enter Ashley Eckstein, the founder of the female geek-centered Her Universe apparel company, and the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the animated SWU series The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Eckstein is the pre-eminent figure of fangirl fashion, and has successfully conveyed the message that you can look stylish while letting your geek flag fly. Last week, she announced the Her Universe Fashion Show would return for a second year to San Diego Comic-Con, where designers can compete in a runway show for a chance to design a collection for Hot Topic (we covered the show last year, and it was pretty spectacular). Meanwhile, this week she is debuting no fewer than 14 new items in her Star Wars collection (including an Imperial High Commander Cardigan I wish she made for dudes) at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, and available now for purchase online.

To kick off Celebration, and remind fellow fans that they can also become designers and compete in the Her Universe fashion competition at SDCC, Eckstein was kind enough to join us and share her favorite outfits from Star Wars. Check out her Top Five picks, and remember: You can still be fashion forward, even if you're from a galaxy a long time ago and far, far away.


1. Ahsoka Tano's New Outfit in Star Wars Rebels
"Ahsoka Tano is the epitome of a strong female character, and her new outfit in Star Wars Rebels reflects her strength. As a woman in business, we are constantly judged by our appearance, especially in a business meeting. I would love a sleek business suit inspired by Ahsoka's new costume. This suit would definitely be a deal closer!"

2. Princess Leia
"Princess Leia was one of the original sci-fi fashionistas. All of her looks are iconic, and I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. However, one piece sticks out in my mind whenever I look back on her famous looks, and it's her Ceremonial Necklace by Lapponia Jewelry. It's such a gorgeous statement piece. I love statement jewelry, and the right piece can really complete an outfit. "

3. Padme
"Padme has so many different looks. Where do I even start? There is something that draws me to her lake dress when she was on Naboo with Anakin in Episode II. I think that dress is so beautiful! It's full of whimsy, it's romantic, colorful, young, classic, and to me she truly looks like a princess from a fairy tale. It's one of my favorite Padme looks, and if I were to ever cosplay as Padme, I would pick this dress."  

4. Sabine Wren
"Sabine's Wren is just so cool! She's a female Mandalorian and an amazing artist. I just love how she's made her outfit her own. That's what I always strive to do my fashion choices. I look at an outfit as a blank canvas, and then I try to add my own flair and make it unique. I'm obsessed with the paint splatters on Sabine's outfit."  

5. Rey from Star Wars Episode VII
"We've only seen Rey for a second on her speeder, and I'm already captivated! A new female character in Star Wars ... I need to know more! I'm already inspired by the linen and her desert chic look. I can't wait to see more!"

What's your favorite fashion from Star Wars? Let us know who rocks a look with the most force!