Hercules' Kevin Sorbo goes berserk in bloody sexy Julia X trailer

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Most of us are quite used to seeing sexy geek icon—and former Greek demigod—Kevin Sorbo play the ultimate good guy on TV and in the movies (see Hercules, Andromeda and Kull the Conqueror for some examples). But as a sexy and bloody serial killer?

In the new upcoming horror indie 3-D film, Julia X, he is.

Sorbo plays a very charming (but only at first, 'cause after that he gets downright creepy) serial killer whose MO is to brand all his victims with a letter of the alphabet.

When he's down to the letter X (the titular character of the film, Julia, played by Valerie Azlynn), things don't turn out as planned when our serial killer seemingly meets his match made in bloody hell.

About Julia X, we've recently said that the film will have some: ''bizarre twists and (intentionally) humorous bits. First time director P.J. Pettiette competently plays with the expectations of the genre, at times delivering some unique aspects and tense moments.''

Of course, we can all count on some crazy, disgusting bloodbaths to ensue. It's a horror film, after all.

Before you see the new trailer, be aware that this may just put you off online dating for, like, forever.

The quality of the trailer is pretty shoddy, but you can still witness Kevin Sorbo oozing some creepy killer charm through the pixelated images.

Shot in 3-D, Julia X also stars Ving Rhames and Avatar's Joel David Moore. And If you live in L.A., or are around at that time, you can catch Julia X at Screamfest on Oct. 16.

What do you think of the trailer? And from what you've seen, do you think Kevin Sorbo's got the right chops to play a murderous serial killer?

(via Shock Till You Drop)