Here’s what happened to that cool-looking action scene from the Fantastic Four trailer

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Aug 21, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Anyone who actually braved the brutal reviews to watch Fantastic Four in theaters was probably left wondering — wasn’t there a cool-looking action scene in the trailers that never made it on screen?

Spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four!

Well, keen-eyed fan, you would be right. The trailers prominently displayed a scene featuring The Thing riding on the bottom of a stealth bomber (see above screengrab), dropping down into a darkened battlefield. In the trailer cut, Reed Richards is manning the radio and coordinating the mission. But, as you’ve probably guessed by now, that scene was axed during the well-documented battle between director Josh Trank and the studio.

But the folks at Entertainment Weekly have done some digging with people close to the production, and they’ve managed to piece together what should’ve been included. Long story short: The scene was supposed to play fresh off the time jump in the middle of the movie and show the team working together for the military to take out a Chechen rebel camp. After dropping down and kicking butt, The Thing walks past the U.S. troops with a nod and boards a heavy duty plane. It would’ve served as a setup for the reveal they’re working with the U.S. military and provide some much-needed action.

The scene was one of those big, expensive action set pieces the studio and director butted heads over — though the studio apparently relented late in the game and decided to film the scene (hence the footage from the trailer). The problem? Per the reports, Trank was unsure about using the scene, but the studio went ahead and filmed it without Trank, and then the director decided not to use it because he didn’t like how it was filmed (they apparently shot the action in hand-held style) and felt it didn’t fit the film’s overall visual tone.

But questions remain: If this scene came after the time and shows everyone working together, how is Reed there? Since he escaped before they really started working with the military? Perhaps that was a tweak in the editing of the trailer, or Trank changed the flow when he killed the scene?

Sadly, the world may never know. Just chalk it up to yet another weird piece of intel surrounding one of the worst comic-book adaptations of the modern era.

What do you think? Would this scene have made the movie any better?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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