Here are the 2 smashing Marvel characters DC's Geoff Johns would love to write for

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Jul 21, 2015

Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of DC Comics Geoff Johns sat down with IGN during San Diego Comic-Con and revealed which two Marvel comic-book characters he’d love to write for if he had the chance.

As some of you may already know, Johns did work for Marvel over ten years ago, but he’s now been an exclusive DC writer for years and has worked on several TV shows, including The CW's Arrow and The Flash. While working for DC’s rival comic-book company won’t be in the cards for him any time soon, it’s still pretty cool to hear which Marvel character Johns would love to write for, and which artists he’d bring onboard. So, who’s first on Johns' list? I'll give you a small hint: Hulk Smash. Yep, that's our lovable green goliath. (As if the pic above hadn't given that one away.)

"If I could write one Marvel comic book, then Hulk would be it. Though I’d make Gary Frank draw it." Johns said.

Frank is actually Geoff Johns’ frequent artistic collaborator. They worked together at Marvel on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (aka the Avengers) before both started working for DC Comics. Most recently, Frank and Johns worked together on the New 52 Shazam and Superman: Earth One. Gary Frank actually worked on Hulk himself a couple years ago, and he still draws covers for Marvel’s Hulk comics.

The other Marvel character Geoff Johns really wants to work on? Why, he’s none other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! However, there’s an itsy bitsy caveat: Johns says he’d only do it with one particular artist, who also happens to be the current Marvel CCO...Joe Quesada.

"The other one I’d do Spider-Man, only if Joe Quesada drew it. I want to work with Joe Quesada," Johns said. "That’s the one thing I don’t know if that would ever happen, but I’d love to work with Joe Quesada."

Quesada has had a long history with the web-slinger, but he very rarely draws the character these days since the guy's busy as a bee being Marvel’s CCO. (But seriously. How cool would it be to have DC and Marvel’s CCOs join forces in order to bring us a new, awesome run featuring that amazing wall-crawler Spider-Man? Eh, a girl can dream.)

What do you guys think about Geoff Johns’ amazing, smashing choices?

(via IGN)

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