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Here are 5 possible endings for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

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Feb 27, 2019, 5:00 PM EST

Episode 7, "Light and Shadow," marks Star Trek: Discovery Season 2's halfway point. From here forward, it seems like the series will start tipping over some outer space dominos and causing the USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise story to reach some kind of conclusion.

Assuming the show sticks to canon, there are certain things we know can't happen. Spock can't die. Pike can't die. The Federation can’t be destroyed. But, beyond that, there's actually quite a bit of room to maneuver in terms of story.

Based on what we already know about Trek canon, here are five educated guesses about the ending of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2.

**Speculative spoilers could potentially follow.**


Mirror Georgiou makes Section 31 hardcore again

One canon discrepancy between Discovery and the rest of Trek is connected to how out-in-the-open Section 31 seems to be.

In Enterprise and Deep Space Nine (respectively set 100 years before and after Discovery) Section 31 is so secret that Starfleet captains like Archer and Sisko don't even know it exists. In Discovery, Section 31 wears spiffy black badges and totally lets, like, anyone join up.

But, what if Georgiou changes all of this? We know that Michelle Yeoh is getting her own Section 31 spinoff series, so it seems reasonable that the organization will have to be a little more secret than it is right now to make that show work. Maybe the reason Section 31 gets to be top secret in Sisko's time is something we'll see happen by the end of this season.

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Pike and Spock go back to the Enterprise, happily

This one seems kind of obvious, but both Spock and Pike probably won't stick around for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. From a canon point of view, Spock served with Pike for 11 years before the original series, and it's not clear at this point where we're at in terms of that chronology. Are we in the middle of that 11 years, sandwiched in between two five-year-missions on the Enterprise? Or are we at the tail-end of Spock and Pike hanging out on the Enterprise for a decade? Either way, we know Spock has to get back to the Enterprise by 2265, and Pike has to get promoted to Fleet Captain.

Both of these events could conceivably happen in the Season 2 finale.


Burnham becomes Captain of the Discovery

At this point, the Captain of the USS Discovery is kind like the Professor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts in the Harry Potter books; someone new every year! But, DISCO can't keep up with the musical captain's chair game and stay interesting. The show has to settle on a new — and somewhat permanent — Captain.

In the very first episode of Discovery, Captain Georgiou told Michael Burnham that she thought Michael was ready to command her own ship. It seems not only reasonable but correct that Michael should become a Captain this season. She's the main character of the show, and Captain Pike literally cannot stay on Discovery forever. In the Mirror Universe, Burnham was the captain of the USS Shenzhou and Tilly was the Captain of the Discovery. So, it makes sense that one of them would be captain of the Discovery in our universe.

USS Discovery mycelial network

The Discovery jumps into the far future

One huge issue with Discovery is its proximity to the chronology of the original Star Trek. At this point, the show is happening in 2257 and maybe passing into 2258. This means we’re only about seven or eight years away from the adventures of Captain Kirk on the USS Enterprise. And the longer Discovery is on the air, the closer and closer it will get to that exact same time frame, which, can only mean more canon headaches for the writing staff.

It feels very unlikely that the entire Discovery crew will end up dressing in retro 1960s clothes by the conclusion of the series, or even in Season 3. Which means they could do something very interesting: The show could potentially push the ship far into the future, stranding them without any hope of coming back to their point of origin.

Both Episode 5 and Episode 6 of this season mentioned the notion of time travel and future technology. In Season 1, the Discovery traveled between universes but also traveled forward in time by using the Spore Drive. If Stamets can accidentally jump the ship nine months into the future on accident, then who's to say they won't get even further into the future? Plus, last year's Short Treks episode "Calypso" showed an abandoned version of the ship really far in the future, too. What's up with that?


All of the above 

Literally every single one of these things could happen before this season of Discovery ends.

You can look at the first season as an example of how nuts this show can get. It wasn't until Season 1, Episode 10 that the show jumped Discovery into the Mirror Universe, and then they freaking stayed there for four episodes! Counting this week's episode, Season 2 still has seven episodes to really drop some insane twists. Season 1 revealed that Tyler was a Klingon, Lorca was from the Mirror Universe, and that the crew was destined to meet the Enterprise, all in the final five stories.

This all means that with Discovery Season 2, we’re still in for a hell of a ride.