Here are all the easter eggs we could find in the new Daredevil motion poster

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Mar 20, 2015, 1:59 PM EDT

Daredevil, the upcoming television show about the man without fear, will be released on April 10. Netflix is now giving us glimpses of things to come. The most recent trick to engage our interest? Another motion poster.

At first glance, we see Matt Murdock walks slowly toward the viewer on a dark and dangerous street. As he approaches, new characters appear. We also hear snippets of dialog from the upcoming show…and of course, the ubiquitous sounds of police sirens.

Now look again. This motion poster is filled with easter eggs, little hints about what we can expect from the upcoming show. Here's what we've noticed so far:

  • The Avengers Tower appears near the top, mid-right, near the beginning of the poster.
  • Instead of Murdock's reflection, we see Daredevil's.
  • Signage for the law office of Murdock and Nelson appears in the window on the left, above the diner.
  • A building with a neon cross (Murdock is a Catholic) appears.
  • Within the shadows, we see the characters Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Claire Temple, Vanessa Mariana (on the balcony on the right), and a few unidentifiable others.

Unconfirmed but worthy of speculation:

Check it out. And let us know what we missed in the comments.