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Winston Duke as M'Baku (courtesy of Marvel Entertainment)

Here are all the box office records Black Panther has broken (so far)

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Feb 20, 2018, 5:23 PM EST (Updated)

King T'Challa might freeze when confronted with an old flame, but his own movie doesn't when faced with breaking one box-office record after another. According to Box Office Mojo, Black Panther has already made just over $404 million in ticket sales worldwide.

The secondary character introduced for the first time in 2016's Captain America: Civil War is now the biggest Marvel hero of them all, one truly fit to call himself a monarch, both of the nation of Wakanda and the profit margins of Marvel Studios. The cultural significance of the studio's 18th movie, particularly its ruminations on race, has swept the nation since the film debuted on Friday. Even Kevin Feige is calling it "the best" of all the company's cinematic endeavors so far. Plus, the feature's soundtrack has topped the charts.

If it pleases the royal court of Wakanda, here are all the box-office records Black Panther has broken so far, as laid out by Forbes.

  • Biggest weekend opening in February
  • Biggest weekend opening for a non-sequel feature
  • Biggest opening for a solo comic book movie
  • Biggest Friday-Sunday opening on a holiday weekend
  • Biggest opening for an extended holiday weekend
  • Biggest opening for a non-white director
  • Highest-grossing movie in America to be directed by a black director
  • Biggest pre-summer weekend opening
  • 2nd-biggest comic book superhero opening weekend
  • 2nd-biggest Sunday gross
  • 3rd-biggest four-day gross
  • 3rd-biggest non-summer opening weekend
  • 4th-biggest Saturday gross
  • 5th-biggest opening weekend of all time
  • 8th-biggest Friday and 8th-biggest single-day gross
  • 8th-biggest Monday gross
  • 25th-biggest comic book movie of all time
  • 26th-biggest superhero movie of all time

The film also broke presale records on ticket vendors like Fandango, becoming the fastest preselling movie behind The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and The Last Jedi. It has unseated Deadpool as the biggest weekend opening in February—fitting that it should be another superhero movie to take up the mantle—and outpaced Iron Man 3 as the fastest-grossing comic book movie in a three-day period.

For comparison, Justice League made only $93 million during its opening weekend, which means Panther outperformed Warner Brothers' cinematic universe by a little more than 115 percent. As a non-sequel (unless you count it a follow-up to Civil War), it easily outstrips the first Hunger Games by nearly $100 million. 

The third Iron Man made $174 million between Friday and Sunday, while Black Panther took in a little over $200 million in that time and an extra $40 million thanks to President's Day, according to industry reports. This $242 million total bypassed expectations, which put the weekend debut at an expected $180 million, and puts it slightly ahead of The Last Jedi ($241.5 million) and behind The Force Awakens ($288 million) in terms of domestic launches.

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