Here are the four new characters rumored for Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist

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Mar 10, 2016

Following the casting of Game of Thrones star Finn Jones as Danny Rand and the rumor that Shang-Chi would appear in Marvel's Iron Fist series, it looks like four new Marvel heroes and villains will join the Hero for Hire on the Netflix show.

MCU Exchange and The Hashtag Show (with some help from Point of Geeks) have reasons to believe that joining Iron Fist in his first solo series will be: 1) Colleen Wing, aka Lady Samurai, former Hero for Hire and Daughter of the Dragon alongside Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick in the upcoming Luke Cage 2) regular Iron Fist supervillain Davos, aka the Steel Serpent 3) CEO of Rand Meachum INC. Joy Meachum, and 4) her brilliant but ruthless uncle Ward Meachum.


How did they come to that conclusion? Apparently, they're figuring that these four characters will appear as regulars on the Netflix series thanks to a series of audition videos they managed to get their eyes on, and some new character breakdowns that you can see for yourselves below. They are:

Character Name: DEVON

25 – 30 yrs old, male, please submit Asian, East Indian, Pacific Islander, etc., handsome, effortlessly-powerful, an intelligent, thoughtful warrior.


Character Name: CHRISTINE

25 – 30 yrs old, female, Asian, New York toughness mixed with a businesswoman savvy, a good heart, but with many secrets.


Character Name: WALTER

30 — 35 yrs old, male, Caucasian, intelligent and insecure, brilliant in the office but has a ruthless streak. (Series Regular.)

Character Name: JODY

25 – 30 yrs old, female, Caucasian, highly-educated, logical, compassionate. (Series Regular.)

The Hashtag Show posit that the above names are actually code names (which is something pretty standard in these cases) and that the first letter of the character’s code name is the first letter of the actual character’s name.

Thus, Jody is meant to be Joy (Meachum), and Walter is Ward (Meachum). As for Devon, they assume it stands-in for Davos, while Christine is Colleen. Frankly, considering the fact that Misty Knight is on Luke Cage, I think the addition of Colleen Wing is the safe bet here. Her character is apparently all but confirmed.

The Hashtag Show's track record is pretty good, they were the ones to break the Finn Jones casting news hours before it was officially confirmed. Still, until we hear anything official as to the addition of these four new characters, remember to take it with a tiny pinch of salt.


Do you believe Iron Fist will introduce Colleen Wing, Davos, Joy and Ward Meachum? With production on the new Marvel/Netflix series set to kick off in April, expect to hear casting news pretty soon.

(via MCU Exchange)

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