Here are the two actors considered to play Brainiac in Superman Lives

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Dec 1, 2014, 4:35 PM EST (Updated)

Concept artist Rolf Mohr has shared some intriguing tidbits on his blog about Tim Burton’s dead-as-a-doornail Superman Lives, revealing the names of two high-profile actors who were up for the role of the movie’s villainous Brainiac.

According to Mohr, both Gary Oldman -- who went on to star as Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy -- and Jim Carrey (who infamously starred as the Riddler in Batman Forever) were being considered to play the role of one of the Man of Steel’s most iconic and feared villains.

Here’s what Mohr wrote on his blog (the post itself is not recent, but we feel this news may have flown under the radar):

For Superman Lives I was working mostly in the dark based on vague descriptions without  seeing a script. At the time it all sounded rather crazy and confusing, with Brainiac's Skull Ship that could absorb anything it came across, Brainiac himself inside some sort of alien shape-shifting 'hybrid technology' which would open up and engulf people and grow ever larger, more limbs, etc, then Superman also had alien tech in the form of the Eradicator, which could become a suit as well as transform into an 'Interceptor' ship...  A giant biomechanical alien spider thing which had a body that could open up and smaller ones came out, etc, etc...

At the time I had no idea who had written it or that Tim Burton was on board to direct, but they told me Jim Carrey and Gary Oldman were being considered for Brainiac. It was interesting to read the script years later and see that Kevin Smith had actually done a pretty impressive job by introducing the Eradicator as a transforming suit in order to weave together all the requirements the producer wanted: "No Superman suit, no flying... and a giant spider in the 3rd act." He even managed to include 2 polar bears.

What do you guys think? Would Gary Oldman or Jim Carrey have been a good choice to play Brainiac in Superman Lives?

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