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Hereditary’s creepy kid opens her own terrifying Etsy shop

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May 30, 2018, 9:08 PM EDT (Updated)

Next month, movie lovers will get the chance to watch director Ari Aster’s Hereditary, a horror film that took SXSW by storm earlier this year. By most accounts, the movie is best enjoyed when its secrets are intact. So for now, all we can tell you is that Hereditary stars Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne as Annie and Steve Graham, a couple whose family is upended by the death of their reclusive grandmother. The grandmother’s demise unleashes a series of horrifying events that threaten to destroy the rest of the family.

Milly Shapiro is likely to be Hereditary’s breakout star. She’s the young actress playing Annie and Steve’s daughter, Charlie Graham. And Charlie’s problems may have started long before her grandmother passed. Ahead of the film's opening next month, the producers of Hereditary have opened up an Etsy store for Charlie called “Charlies Creations by CraftsByCharlieG.” Within that shop are 18 creepy dolls supposedly made and sold by Charlie herself. The one pictured below is called “The Biter.”

Hereditary The Biter

The next doll is named “Screaming Crawler,” and it’s totally not disturbing at all. 

Hereditary Screaming Crawler

Under Charlie’s creative vision, even something like the Ballerina looks disturbing and strange. 

Hereditary The Ballerina

The Midnight Watcher is less startling than the previous dolls, but it does make us wonder about the mythology that Charlie has come up with for her creations.

Hereditary Midnight Watcher

You can find the rest of Charlie’s previously completed dolls here. If the Etsy storefront can be taken at face value, then Charlie will offer new dolls for sale on a weekly basis. But it may just be a clever bit of PR that offers a few vague hints about Charlie’s state of mind. In the description of each doll, Charlie simply writes “Will you take care of me?” and “I miss grandma.” 

Hereditary will go from haunting Etsy to haunting theaters on Friday, June 8. Are you terrified yet?

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