Here's 7 all new Star Wars paper snowflakes you can make yourself

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:55 AM EDT (Updated)

It's colder than Hoth, your aunts and uncles are worse than a Hutt family reunion, and you wanna hurl yourself into the sarlacc pit? Calm yourself, young padawan. Through patience and instrospection, you can find a better way.

That better way is making paper snowflakes based on Star Wars. That was clear, right? We've covered Anthony Herrera's creations in the pastand with Hanukkah already here and Christmas on the loom, we've decided it's high time for a Return of the Jedi. And these snowflakes also.

So check 'em out, try your hand at making your own, and remind yourself that you, too, can use the Force. For making snowflakes!

(papercraft via The Mary Sue, cover image via Scott Park)

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