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Here's a whip-cracking new Indiana Jones sound FX dance remix video

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Aug 23, 2017, 12:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Last month we shared a new Star Wars sound effects dance remix video with you by Eclectic Method, injected with actual sound effects and noises heard in the full eight-film Star Wars saga. Now that same sonic wizard has concocted another toe-tapping tune stitched together with samples of sound effects heard in all four Indiana Jones movies.

It's an infectious, head-bobbing salute from digital outlaw Jonny Wilson to all the sound designers, sound editors, re-recording mixers, and studio technicians who created all the whip-snapping, snake-hissing, face-punching, sultan-burping, engine-cranking, machine gun-chattering tidbits that bring the fedora-wearing adventurer's tales to life.

Have a listen and just try not to get up and bust a move!

(Via io9)