Here's a wild new theory about Rey's father in The Last Jedi

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Dec 17, 2018, 6:00 PM EST (Updated)

The latest Star Wars theory about Rey's ancestry is ... kind of credible?

Before we go any further, all the usual warnings about potential spoilers apply ... even though this is all rampant speculation now, if any of it proves to be true, don't say we didn't warn you.

The newest fan theory about the parentage of Rey (Daisy Ridley) comes from someone named Darth Hodor posting on this Reddit board. Lord Hodor posits that Rey is not a Skywalker, nor is she a Kenobi, nor is she a Solo. So who the heck is she then?

She's a Bridger.


Yes: this theory suggests that Benicio Del Toro -- whose character in The Last Jedi has not been identified as of yet, but who the actor himself said is a villain -- will be playing an older version of street-urchin-turned-Jedi-apprentice Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels, and that he will turn out to be Rey's daddy. Hear Hodor out:

He'd be about the right age, and there have been theories that Rebels will end with Ezra (and Kanan if he's still alive) joining Luke's new Jedi Academy. But then why was (Rey) left on Jakku? The theory I've come up with is that Ezra falls to the Dark Side. He joins forces with Snoke and together they start manipulating the Jedi starting with Ben Solo. Foreseeing this, Luke hides Rey from her father, and in retaliation Ezra, through or with Kylo Ren, destroys the Jedi Academy. Luke flees and Del Toro is left without knowing where his daughter is hidden.

The reason I really like this theory is it allows for a 'double fall' in Episode VIII. It sets up Rey's fall to the Dark Side (which could be incredible if pulled off correctly) and Kylo Ren is already poised for a redemption arc of his own (a 'fall' to the light). This would set up a fantastic finale between these two characters in Episode IX.

Slashfilm points out that the character of Ezra Bridger would be roughly 51 years old at the time of the events of The Last Jedi -- and that Del Toro was 49 when he filmed his scenes, so the ages of the character and the actor line up. There have also been major hints on Rebels that Bridger could get pulled to the Dark Side. Slashfilm also notes that it's rumored Rey will learn the identity of her father during a climactic lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren/Ben Solo (Adam Driver) in The Last Jedi.

There's one big, risky problem with this theory: aside from spoiling Star Wars Rebels to some extent (because we would know that Bridger survives the series), the vast majority of movie audiences have probably never seen a single episode of Rebels or know who Ezra Bridger is. Sure, hardcore Star Wars fans would know and probably appreciate such a key crossover, but blurting out "Ezra Bridger is your father" in The Last Jedi might be on a par with Benedict Cumberbatch hissing "My name is ... Khan" in front of younger moviegoers who had never heard that name before. The character will have to be established on his own terms in the movie without necessitating that you be aware of his history on Rebels.

What do you make of all this? Rebels fans out there, is this something you think would work? Or is this all just an amusing bit of hogwash?