Here's the best of that Guardians of the Galaxy Q&A

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May 19, 2014, 7:08 PM EDT (Updated)

The cast and crew of Guardians answered a ton of questions this afternoon. Maybe too many. Here's the short version.

Generally speaking, it's great advertising (and great for fans) when the cast and crew of a movie can get together and enthusiastically answer all those burning questions. But, ya know, reading them after the fact on Facebook or a Reddit AMA page can be labyrinthine and impossibly boring. 

So we've cut the fat and left you with the meat of the Guardians of the Galaxy Q&A that immediately preceded that nifty new trailer.

Given his history in comedy, James Gunn, why was Chris Pratt the right guy to be Star-Lord?

James Gunn: It's difficult to say what casting is like, but when someone fulfills a role completely, becomes a character, and even goes beyond what you originally expected, you just know. I don't know if I believe in true love and soul mates, but I do believe certain roles have soul mates, and Star-Lord and Chris are soul mates.

Are there going to be appearances by any of the other Guardians of the Galaxy from the Abnett/Lanning run without going into specifics? Either way, this movie looks rad.

James Gunn: Maybe sorta

Are there any tentacles in the film?

James Gunn: Well Groot sorta has branch tentacles. I can't seem to get away from them. They haunt me on every film!

Will the movie be connected with any episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

James Gunn: Maybe.

If you could play any other superhero who would it be?

Dave Bautista: Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Can you give away another song featured in star lord tape?

James Gunn: Well, we have the whole tape - I gave it to Chris before we shot so he could listen to it over and over beforehand. So I won't give away a song in the movie. But a song on the tape that's not in the movie is "Magic" by Pilot.

How do you even begin to create the vision for the production design for something like this? Did you have free rein to hire the designers you wanted?

James Gunn: Yes, I did. Charlie Wood, our production designer, was one of my primary partners on this film. We started with long long discussions, lots of photos, and my love of the artist Chris Foss - who we actually hired to work on the movie. He's a classic science fiction artist from the 70s and 80s.

Was their any kind of specific influence when shooting this movie?

James Gunn: So many. One of the biggest influences was - and no one is going to expect this answer - Magritte's Empire of Light paintings. I was also very influenced by many of the great space epics and science fiction films AND westerns like the films of Sergio Leone. Not to mention of course the comics, especially Abnett and Lanning and Jim Starlin.

Question to Vin Diesel. How many times did you have to say the line "I am Groot"?

Vin Diesel: Oh god ... maybe a thousand? I don't know. It felt like a thousand. James Gunn and I were having so much with it. So it could've been a thousand. And it was amazing to go in there and to work with someone who wanted to explore the character- we wanted each "I am Groot" to mean something different ... It reminded me, as an actor, how much we can do with so little- and if we're passionate about it, good thing can come from it.

Is there going to be any mention of Drax's past in the movie or Rocket's adventures on Halfworld? Or even better if the Hulk has had interaction with Rocket before like in the comics?

James Gunn: We find out a little about their pasts. No Hulk in this movie, sorry.

What did your old "Troma"boss Lloyd Kaufman say to you after he found out you're directing such a big budget movie like "Guardians"?


What was the most challenging thing about getting into character?

Vin Diesel: It was very personal- it was the month after the accident happened with my brother Paul Walker and it was the first time I had worked since. Although it was challenging, just to get back to work was therapeutic- especially as Groot. There was an innocence about the character that was just refreshing- and it may have been more challenging under other circumstances, but at that time, it was very therapeutic.

Who were the first people you told when you found out you'd got the role in the film?

Vin Diesel: My son. He was so excited. Marvel and James Gunn had sent over a large envelope of conceptual art and there was a big two-page image of the whole cast, and I asked my three year old, "Which character do you think they want Daddy to play?" And he pointed to the tree! And that's how I knew that this was a special role.

Would the Doctor get along with this bunch of a-holes?

Karen Gillan: The Doctor gets along with anyone, especially a-holes.

For Chris Pratt - What's Starlord's equipment like? Does he use the Elemental Gun? Can you keep it? 

Chris Pratt Yes. It’s not the exact elemental gun that you see in the comics but it’s close. His gun is awesome. Two great blasters and they are amazing and sadly they did not let me keep one but the next time i see one I’m going to steal it.

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