Here's the classic Doctor Who monster Steven Moffat wants to bring back

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Nov 21, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

After the Silurians, the Ice Warriors and the Zygons, Steven Moffat is keen on bringing back another classic Doctor Who monster to the series.

And the monsters Moffat wants to see on screen again are the Sea Devils. The showrunner says he'd love to come up with a story that would see Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor battling the ocean-dwelling creatures. Related to the Silurians (who were their land-based cousins), the aquatic monsters were first introduced in 1972 in a Jon Pertwee Third Doctor story titled “The Sea Devils.” Here's why Moffat would like to have a go at them:

“The classic monster I always look at bringing back are the Sea Devils, the design of them is amazing, they are beautiful and bizarre. I haven't thought of anything to do with them yet. But I think they're quite extraordinary in their conception.”

Seems like Moffat is always thinking about bringing back some of the Doctor’s ancient foes to the BBC series, hinting he has plans for some of them to pop up in Series 10 next year.

“I have a very long list of monsters to bring back , you know. As well as the Sea Devils I do have a couple of others in my mind, but I might be doing those so I'm not telling you what they are!”

The Sea Devils were last seen in “Warriors of the Deep” in 1984, where they faced off against Fifth Doctor Peter Davison alongside the Silurians.

Are there any other classic monsters, besides the Sea Devils, you'd like to see return to Doctor Who?

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