Here's a close look at the new costumes for Magneto and Beast in Days of Future Past

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Nov 1, 2013

Some of the biggest players from First Class get a sweet upgrade in the wardrobe department. 

Remember those yellow suits from X-Men: First Class? Those were ... well, they weren't the most pleasing to the eye, were they? Well, good news! They're gone. And in their place, something much, much better.

Bryan Singer and his original X-costume designer, Louise Mingenbach, have worked together and brought some brand-new outfits to the fold. And while we've seen some of them in that Days of Future Past trailer, there's still more left to see.

For example -- have a look at Beast and Magneto, the former rocking something in the way of a denim casual, and the latter in something much more akin to Ian KcKellen's duds from the original films.

And once you've stared intently and had a long think about it, tell us -- what do you think? Best-dressed or worst-dressed?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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