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Here's a fascinating breakdown of J.J. Abrams' cancelled Superman flick

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Aug 27, 2014, 8:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Back in 2002, Warner Bros. almost went ahead with Superman: Flyby which was penned by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek, Star Wars: Episode VII) and would have been directed by McG (Terminator Salvation).

From what we’ve learned about the movie, we think it was ultimately a good thing that the controversial superhero flick was never made, since it featured really dark and bizarre — even if they were at times fascinating — ideas that turned the Superman mythos on its head.

Below are a couple of highlights we gleamed from the Official Comic Book Movie Podcast The Weekly Planet, which discusses Abrams’ Superman: Flyby

  • Superman: Flyby featured an origin story that had Krypton in the midst of a civil war.
  • Jor-El had a corrupted brother and was at war with him.
  • Kal-El’s dad specifically picked the Kents for his son.
  • Superman is defeated and killed by four Kryptonians, including his own cousin, who knew ... Kryptonian kung fu. (You can blame that one on The Matrix.)
  • Jor-El is still alive and Krypton has not exploded.
  • Learning of his son’s death, Jor-El commits ritualistic suicide while in prison and meets up with Kal-El in Kryptonian Heaven.
  • Kal-El is resurrected because he's the chosen one and returns to Earth to defeat the four Kryptonians who killed him -- having learned Kryptonian kung fu.
  • The movie would've ended on a cliffhanger, with Superman going to Krypton.
  • Earlier versions had Lex Luthor as a Kryptonian who could fly and also knew kung fu. 
  • In a throwback to the first Superman flick with Christopher Reeve, our Man of Steel circumnavigates around the globe to take out a MECH. (But why does he need to do that, really?)
  • There’s a version of the script where Martha Kent is nearly raped by their landlord.
  • Shia Laboeuf was approached to play Jimmy Olsen.

What do you guys think of Abrams' take on Superman with Superman: Flyby? Do you think we dodged a speeding bullet here?

(via Comic Book Movie