Team Thor Part 2 teaser: Watch it a gazillion times

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Feb 14, 2017, 11:15 AM EST

The teaser for the eagerly anticipated sequel to Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi's hilarious Thor mockumentary is finally here!

While the first short was shown at San Diego Comic-Con last summer before making its merry way online and being included in the Captain America: Civil War home release, "Team Thor Part 2: Where Are They Now?" is found via the newly released Doctor Strange (out on Digital HD today and Blu-ray and DVD on Feb. 28).

Using the same brand of humor that made the first "Team Thor" mockumentary such a massive hit with fans everywhere (it's the same approach Taika Waititi used for his feature What We Do in the Shadows -- if you guys haven't seen that yet, DO), the new short checks back in with the Asgardian God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) and his awesome Australian roommate, Darryl.

Let’s just say more hilarity ensues when Thor wants Darryl to use Asgardian coins (apparently worth gazillions on Earth) to pay the rent and then proceeds to boast that he's "covered in brains" (Thor's explanation behind that reasoning had me in stitches) and later suggests that they should get a servant. Check out the teaser below.