Here's how Avengers: Age of Ultron introduces its villain(s)

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Jul 17, 2014

We've had our first look at Ultron, and now we've got a preview of how he'll be introduced in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

With Entertainment Weekly's big cover story on the Joss Whedon-directed sequel hitting stands this week, we've already gotten a glimpse of how the malevolent A.I. looks, a bare-bones outline of the movie's plot and a clutch of additional photos of the Avengers themselves. 

But now EW.com has published some more details from the movie -- specifically about Ultron's origins and how he makes his entrance in the film (warning: stop here if you want to go into the movie completely cold).

As we already know, it's Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) -- and not Hank Pym as in the comics -- who creates Ultron as "the ultimate drone, a way for Iron Man to abdicate his duties and offload them onto a fully mechanized protector." Stark sets up Ultron to lead a team of robots called the Iron Legion (presumably fashioned out of the many automated Iron Man armor suits we saw at the end of Iron Man 3) that will act as a global police force.

Stark even programs Ultron with aspects of his own personality in order to give the android emotions and a streak of humanity. Unfortunately, that doesn't work out, as Chris Hemsworth (Thor) explains: “It’s not the good version that could’ve come from [Stark's] intellect and personality. It’s the bad son.” And that's where the trouble really begins.

Early in the film, Stark and the Avengers are celebrating a victory (over Baron von Strucker, perhaps?) with a party at the former Stark Tower in New York City, now even more fancy and known as Avengers Tower. After a night of schmoozing with city officials and VIPs, it's just our heroes left at the end of the night when they get a rather rude surprise.

Quite abruptly, the Iron Legion switch on and attempt to kill the Avengers themselves. Enter their boss, Ultron (James Spader) -- in one of the first of his many forms -- who declares that the best way to bring peace to Earth is to wipe out the human race. 

The Avengers beat back the robots, but Ultron has a warning for them: "I know you’re ‘good’ people. I know you mean well. But you just didn’t think it through. There is only one path to peace -- your extermination."

I don't know about you, but I get a little chill down my spine just thinking about hearing those words roll off Spader's slithery tongue (even if it does come out of the mechanized mouth of Ultron). I've already heard through the grapevine that the script for Age of Ultron is insanely good -- and this is just one small sample. 

The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 1, 2015. Can you stand to wait that long?

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