Here's how much time Michael Fassbender will spend in the past in Assassin's Creed

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May 17, 2016

Based on the hit video game series, Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed will be an action-adventure film that'll take moviegoers across two time periods: the modern day and 15th-century Spain.

Fans of the Ubisoft games will no doubt expect the movie to take place mainly in the past, as it does in the games. But recent comments from one of the Fox movie’s executive producers reveal that this won’t be the case.

During a recent set visit by the good folks over at IGN, executive producer Pat Crowley said the game would be set 65 percent in the present day and 35 percent in 15th-century Spain via Abstergo Industries' Animus device, which allows someone to tap into an ancestor's memories. As a huge fan of the game, I have to admit that this decision is slightly disappointing to me. The past bits are always the fun ones.

But actor Michael Fassbender, who plays the dual roles of Callum Lynch and Aguilar -- a modern-day convict and his Spanish Assassin ancestor -- explained why the movie will make that shift.

“There are certain things that we absolutely want to respect in the game," he told IGN, "but we also want to bring new elements to the game [...] This isn’t a video game that we’re making. We’re trying to make a cinematic experience, so there are new things that we have to introduce.”

Do you think this is the right move for the movie? I guess we'll have to wait and see until Assassin's Creed opens Dec. 21.

(via IGN)

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