Here's how The Walking Dead is keeping that season-ending death a secret

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Jun 17, 2016, 6:36 PM EDT

AMC has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the Season 6 cliffhanger a secret ahead of The Walking Dead's return this fall.

If you remember, 11 of our main characters were lined up on their knees before the villainous Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at the end of the Season 6 finale, with one of them -- yet to be identified -- beaten viciously to death by Negan with Lucille, his barbed-wire-encased bat.

Fans have been going crazy speculating over who the victim could be. In the comics, it was Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler Glenn , but the show could have easily gone off-book.

So just what has AMC done to preserve the secret? According to the Hollywood Reporter, a death scene was filmed for all 11 of the characters -- that's Carl (Chandler Riggs), Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Arron (Ross Marquand), Rosita (Christian Serratos), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun). The producers, editors and director of the Season 7 premiere will then pick which one to use.

The premiere will open with the sequence, and all Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman would say is that the character is "beloved to everyone." (But how does he know if they haven't picked the person yet?)

Of course, that might not stop fans hanging around the set of the show -- which recently began filming around its usual Atlanta-area locations -- from spotting one or more of those 11 actors and being able to ascertain that they're still alive. But the producers are taking special precautions with that as well, including covering actors in hoods and secretly moving them from one location to another.

Can the identity of Negan's victim be kept a surprise until the show's October premiere? Personally, I hope so -- I'd like to walk into the premiere cold and experience the shock and horror as it unfolds on the screen. What about you?

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