Here's how you can finally be your own stormtrooper action figure

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May 10, 2013

Next time someone catches you playing with your dolls again, you'll be ready.

We talked a little about Kenner Star Wars toys the other day, and how everyone has played with at least one of those in their lives. This new toy, however, is taking things to the next level, and we have Disney to thank for it. Beginning on May 17, Disney World is having what they call a "D-Tech" event. Basically, they do a 3D scan of your head and then print your noggin over either a stormtrooper figurine or one that's trapped in, you guessed it, carbonite. Here are the full details.

The 10-minute experience uses the world’s highest-resolution, single-shot 3D face scanner created by our Imagineering scientists with Disney Research labs. That captured image is later sent to a high resolution 3D printer to create the figurine. The completed figurine will arrive within 7-8 weeks after the experience if shipping domestically (it takes a little longer if shipping internationally). Guests will also receive either a Carbon-Freeze Me light-up band or a collector button depending upon which option they choose. The Star Wars – D-Tech Me experience is $99.95, plus shipping and applicable sales tax.

A hundred dollars is a lot of money. But if we're being totally honest, it's kind of worth it to have an official Star Wars toy of yourself rather than something you've cobbled together from the remains of your childhood.

(via boingboing)

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