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Here's more than everything you'll ever need to know about ALF

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Oct 14, 2018, 12:23 PM EDT (Updated)

The 1980s produced perhaps more geek icons than any other decade, from Indiana Jones and Marty McFly to Ellen Ripley (okay, she first appeared in '79, but she arguably wasn't ELLEN RIPLEY until '86) and Optimus Prime. Time (and reboots) pulls these nostalgic favorites in and out of the public consciousness, but there is one character that has remained consistently in the spotlight for over 30 years: ALF.

(To everyone on Melmac reading this, we're talking about Gordon Shumway.)

Everyone's favorite wisecracking, cat-eating alien debuted on his titular sitcom on NBC in the fall of 1986 and hasn't really left the public eye since. Created by Paul Fusco, the furry extraterrestrial was the center of the (very difficult to produce) sitcom for four seasons, during which time he visited the White House and became an icon in Germany, of all places. ALF had his own personal assistants — Fusco hated to shatter the illusion, and everyone had to call the puppet by its name on set — and appeared on all kinds of tie-in merchandise. And then when the show was canceled, he continued forth with endless TV commercials, guest star appearances on different shows, and even his own talk show.

OK, so the talk show didn't last very long, but still, have you had your own talk show?

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