Here's not one, not two, but THREE trailers for The Day of the Doctor

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:28 AM EDT (Updated)

Remember begging the BBC for months to see something, anything at all in the way of a trailer for the Doctor Who 50th? Well those are blissfully at an end.

Tenth Doctor? Check. Rose Tyler? Check. References galore to the last, great Time War. Oh, you better believe it. Everything you ever, ever wanted (except for the first nine Doctors) and more are contained within a trio of trailers that finally appeared over the weekend.

There's a BBC America trailer, a short BBC trailer and an extended trailer. And while, yes, they often recycle the same footage, each comes with its own flavor. So, rather than just choose one, we're giving them all to you at once.

Lest you thought trailers were the only thing that appeared through the time vortex this weekend, we've also got an additional four behind-the-scenes images from the 50th special as well. Careful, though -- the last one of those packs quick a spoiler punch.

There's a lot to absorb -- a Bad Wolf Rose, the fall of Arcadia, John Hurt's Doctor and the infamous Moment that was mentioned in the 10th Doctor's swan song, The End of Time. Plus, we get brainy specs, a sonic screwdriver competition, and a horse! So it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite.


But we look forward to seeing you try just the same!

(via Doctor Who TV)