Here's the original Kick-Ass ending that was killed at the last minute

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Aug 19, 2013, 9:52 AM EDT

You know the awesome ending of Kick-Ass that gives you the killer payoff after the big fight scene? Well, it almost didn’t happen —and now we finally know how the movie was originally supposed to end.

Spoilers ahead for the first Kick-Ass movie!

The awesome movie geeks at YEAH! have put together a pop-up-video style online version of the flick, positively loaded with awesome tidbits. Even if you’ve seen the movie a dozen times, it's worth watching again. Really, go. Now.

One of the wildest reveals? That the original ending was scrapped six month after shooting had wrapped, and director Matthew Vaughn called the entire cast back to shoot a brand-new finale after he realized the original didn’t work. In the original cut, Hit-Girl kicked the Big Bad out the window without any help from Kick-Ass, but Vaughn finally realized it didn’t have enough oomph for the title character. That’s when he remembered the rocket launcher, and the rest is explosively awesome history.

Check out the clip below for more details:

So which ending would you prefer? The Hit Girl-centric cut, or the rocket-launcher shot?