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Here's our best look yet at Trek 2's unique take on Klingons

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May 2, 2013

We already knew that Klingons would play a role in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, but what we didn’t know is how he would reimagine the iconic, warlike race. Now we have our first look at a Klingon in all his rigid-forehead glory, thanks to a new featurette.

So how do they look? Pretty solid, with nice flourishes that stay true to the design we know and love from all the various incarnations. Those forehead ridges look to be a little smaller, which makes for a more understated (but still badass) look.

Of course, the unmasked soldier here looks as battle-ready as can be, and we can’t wait to see how the Klingons fit into Kirk’s (Chris Pine) crusade against John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch).

We’ve already had a peek at an Enterprise shuttle running from a Klingon ship, but it looks like we’ll get to see these iconic baddies up close and personal soon.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 17.

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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