Here's our first look at a young Superman on CBS' Supergirl

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Feb 5, 2016

By Krypton, this has been a long time coming! Thanks to these new images from next week’s episode of CBS’ high-flying superhero series Supergirl, we finally get our chance to look the future Man of Steel square in the face. But as you can see, there's a tiny catch.

Next week’s episode, titled “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” sees Kara (Melissa Benoist) transported back to her home planet of Krypton, where she lives with her parents Zor-El (Robert Gant) and Alura (Laura Benanti), including her young cousin Kal-El, played by Daniel DiMaggio. If you’re wondering how in the holy heck is this possible, the answer can be found in the episode’s official synopsis:

Kara’s friends must find a way to save her life when a parasitic alien attaches itself to her and traps her in a dream world where her family is alive and her home planet was never destroyed. Also, Alex, Hank and the DEO must fend off a Kryptonian attack while Kara is out of commission, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, February 8th on CBS.

Have a look at the gallery below, and let us know what you think.

Are you looking forward to meeting a young Kal-El on Supergirl? Don’t forget to look for the epic Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode that sees Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash heading to National City in “Worlds Finest” on March 14!

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