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Here's our first look at General Leia from Star Wars Resistance

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Aug 29, 2018, 5:03 PM EDT

Earlier today we rounded up a bunch of new images, video and information for the upcoming Star Wars animated series, titled Star Wars Resistance. We got to know our new heroes, and heard from Athena Portillo and Dave Filoni. As the series deals with a secret mission of one Resistance agent trying to uncover what is really going on with the First Order (the show takes place before Star Wars: The Force Awakens), it is only natural that some of our more well-known Resistance heroes would be popping up. 

We already knew that Oscar Isaac would be heard in the show as ace pilot Poe "Always thinking with his cockpit" Dameron, and we'd seen images of him. The really exciting news was that Rachel Butera would be voicing General Leia Organa for the series. It's not the first time Leia has appeared in animation (Julie Dolan voiced a younger version on Star Wars Rebels, Shelby Young plays her in the Forces of Destiny shorts), but it is the first time that General Leia is appearing. Though to us, she is royalty, this is the period in Leia's life where she has dispensed with the New Republic and is taking matters into her own hands. 

What might this show's animated version of the heart and soul of the Resistance (and Star Wars in general) look like? Actor Rachel Butera tweeted a preview image today, which shows General Leia speaking with Poe via hologram: 

Leia looks very much like she looked in The Force Awakens — we know, we know what you're gonna say — "changed her hair." Yeah, well it looks good that way.

We don't know what kind of voice Butera will give to the legendary character yet, but she is an accomplished performer who has lent her voice to plenty of animated fare. Though nobody could ever possibly recapture the special magic that Carrie Fisher brought to Leia (nobody would even try), we're sure that Butera will bring her own brand of grounded leadership to the role, just as Dolan and Young did in the other shows before her. 

Even though Carrie Fisher is gone, our beloved Princess and General lives on. Not only will Leia appear in this series (we don't know for how many episodes, hopefully it is for many), but Leia will also appear in Star Wars: Episode IX director J.J. Abrams is putting unused footage of Fisher that was shot for The Force Awakens to let the General, and Carrie Fisher, have one last ride through the stars. 

As for Star Wars Resistance, it will land in our galaxy on October 7. Here's hoping that it continues the tradition of great Star Wars animated programming.