Here's Peter Capaldi's bad guy bucket list for his (maybe) last season of Doctor Who

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Jan 5, 2016, 5:54 PM EST

Let's say you're a longtime fan of Doctor Who and, somehow, against all odds, you get cast to play the lead -- who from the archives of the show do you want to fight? In two seasons, Peter Capaldi has seen Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, and the Master in female form, and has taken on reams of newcomers, mummies on the Orient Express, the Fisher King and even sentient eye goobers!

Now rumors abound that the upcoming 10th season of Doctor Who will be the end of not just Capaldi's tenure, but quite possibly showrunner Steven Moffat's as well.

That's a lot of pressure! There are so many things to think about, one of which is who the 12th Doctor may yet face.

So, what does Peter Capaldi think? Well, so glad you asked!

Just in case you don't have the time, the ability or perhaps the desire to watch a video, here's the rundown of villains Capaldi might like to see in Season 10:

- Daemons

- Axons

- Chumblies

- Autons

- Daleks (again)

You can see Capaldi continuing his connection to the Pertwee years with the Daemons, Axons and Autons. There really were a lot of (insert-something-here)-ons in the early '70s, weren't there? The Chumblies are also a nice touch, if only as a laugh. They're the sort of off-brand Daleks of Doctor Who, and not terribly scary. Still, there's something quite macabre about taking a thing that seems harmless and making it deadly.

As for the Daleks, well, that's an inevitability, I suppose. Still, after that Davros story, seems like maybe it's best to leave them out for a spell.

If I were the Doctor, I'd want to bring back the villains from The Ark in Space, the Wirrn. What about you, though? Who do you think Doctor numer twelve ought to face off against? And, if you were playing the Doctor, who might you beg the writers to include?

(via Radio Times)