Here's proof that Gandalf with a Mac is the one meme to rule them all

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Mar 17, 2014

Fly, you fools. To the Apple store! 

There's a picture out there of actor Sir Ian McKellen dressed as Gandalf the Grey, seated and staring at the glowing screen of a MacBook Pro. Which is weird, because I assumed he'd be a Linux man. And also, he's Gandalf.

But what's better than a wizard from Middle-earth playing around on his laptop? Reddit getting a hold of that image and then coming up with a myriad of hilarious Photoshops, that's what.

And that's precisely what happened. The original image:

Let's be clear: This is very humorous on its own. Strictly speaking, it doesn't require any garnish. We're still glad people went to town on it, though. Have look at a few of our favorites in the gallery below, and when you're done, make sure you have a pint to wash the whole delightful experience down. They come in pints, you know.

(via Uproxx)

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