Here's Sam Raimi's time-warping script idea for his Evil Dead 4

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Oct 13, 2015, 10:54 AM EDT (Updated)

Halloween night is set to shudder as Starz' new Ash vs. Evil Dead premiere is unleashed upon the world after the kiddies come home from trick-or-treating. The twisted spawn of producer/director Sam Raimi, the three Evil Dead films have generated a ravenous cult following for Raimi and his lantern-jawed star, Bruce Campbell, and until this TV series resurrection, wild rumors and midnight wishes had spread over the years of a potential fourth entry to be written with his brother, Ivan Raimi.


In a new intervew with Screencrush during a recent pilot screening of Ash vs Evil Dead, Raimi released a torrent of details on exactly what the premise of Evil Dead 4 would have been.  

According to the engaging discussion, fans were reminded that there was a darker, alternative ending to 1992's Army of Darkness, one that would have been a launching pad for the next sequel.  In that movie's international release, Ash accidentally overdosed on the sleeping potion and awakens in a ravaged 21st-century, post-apocalyptic future.  Concerned over the depressing ending, Universal studio brass urged Raimi to compose a sunnier finale for American audiences, with Ash returning to the present day and battling a rogue deadite in the crowded housewares aisle of S-Mart.  Here's that darker, Rip Van Winkle-ish alternative ending for your scrutiny:


The Raimi brothers' ambitious take was to write a movie starring dual Ashes, one from each of Army of Darkness’ endings.  Evil Dead 4's overly complex plot would have extended Ash’s odyssey along both present and future timelines in two parallel screen stories.  The idea proved to be a bit too convoluted in script execution, and the plan was eventually abandoned and morphed into the premise for the new 10-episode  Ash vs Evil Dead series set in the present. 

What do you think of this dual-timeline approach to the aborted Evil Dead 4 project, and would you like to see it eventually realized?

Also starring Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, Ash vs Evil Dead assaults Starz on Oct. 31, 2015, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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