Here's Spider Woman's first new costume redesign in 37 years

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:55 AM EDT (Updated)

She’s been a stalwart of the Marvel Universe for decades, and now Spider-Woman is finally getting a brand-new look. It only took 'em 37 years to do it.

Jessica Drew’s trademark duds have looked like a throwback to the classic spandex era for a while now, but all that changes when Spider-Woman #5 hits shelves in March 2015. The book will put a new spin on Spider-Woman’s story and try to take the character back to her more “street-level” roots of the 1970s, along with introducing a new look designed by artist Kris Anka.

As USA Today notes, the character will trade in her spandex for black leather pants, two-toned gloves and a jacket that can double as street wear (and be tweaked for superhero-ing) at a moment's notice. Despite the tonal shift, the look still has some nice nods to the original costume, giving it a good balance. It’s similar to what DC did a while back with Batgirl, but a bit more casual. Note: We dig the glasses.

Series editor Nick Lowe noted that the new look is also a move toward practicality, since strolling around in spandex doesn’t really fit the vibe of turning Jessica Drew back into a detective-style character who isn’t dealing with world-ending stakes on a daily basis:

“Spider-Man isn't really a detective — he swings around looking for trouble, whereas Jess needs to go and figure stuff out and dig things up, and you can't really do that head to toe in spandex very well. To operate on the level she wants to, she needs something that can pass for semi-normal and she can turn it on to crazy if she needs to.”

If you can’t wait to check out Spider-Woman #5 in a few months, the new-look Jessica Drew is being added as a playable character in the Spider-Verse mobile game this week.

(Via USA Today)