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Here's the 1st Star Wars game of Disney's post-Lucas era

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Jun 11, 2013, 11:23 AM EDT

We’ve been wondering when we’d see the fruits of Disney’s far-reaching videogame deal with Electronic Arts to revitalize the Star Wars franchise. Now we know what they’ve been cooking up.

A new Star Wars: Battlefront game is on the way, and will be developed by DICE (Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge). The Battlefront series has been cranking out entries since 2004, and it’s a safe, established route for Disney to kick off their Star Wars initiative.

The series is a first-and-third-person-shooter franchise, meaning we should have an action-packed introduction to the Disney/EA deal once this one hits shelves in the future. The game was announced at E3, though EA is mum on further details (i.e. platform, release date).

It’s nice to see Disney and EA building on the established gaming franchises within the Star Wars ecosystem, as opposed to just scrapping them completely and starting over. But the fact that we haven’t heard anything about the Blade Runner-ish Star Wars 1313 does not bode well for the game’s odds. It looks like that one might languish in buyout purgatory forever.

Oh well, here’s hoping the Battlefront reboot is good enough to make us forget about it. Fingers crossed.

(Via Polygon)