Here's the Justice League line Jason Momoa begged Zack Snyder to cut

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

With a recent first look spread and discussion of the film’s faction-warring plotline, James Wan’s standalone Aquaman film is looking up. Especially compared to what we’ve seen of the hero in other DCEU films. And don’t take our word for it - Aquaman star Jason Momoa had some quibbles with his role in the previous movies as well. Especially on touchy subjects like his hero’s powers.

In the same EW discussion that unveiled the upcoming film’s storyline, Momoa also opened up about some dialogue he begged director Zack Snyder to get rid of from Justice League. “I’m like, don’t put this line in there, because that’s all people are going to talk about … Do you want me to make him cool or not?” Momoa said.

The line he’s referring to is when Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) asks him about a familiar, albeit Super Friends-y ability, saying, “I hear you can talk to fish.” This comes at the end of a relatively cool introduction, with Aquaman slamming Batman against a wall and being a generally rough and tough dude. Then...undermined by silliness.

If you watch it, you can almost see Momoa roll his eyes:

Especially when it comes back, leading Aquaman to say that it’s the water that does the talking:

However, in the same interview, Momoa notes that he and Wan are planning a joint vision of Aquaman’s coolness, so don’t expect him to be the butt of many more fish jokes.

Aquaman opens December 21.