Here's the title and cast for the Ghostbusters 3 that could have been

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Dec 6, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

And the Sony leaks news keep on coming, this time concerning Ivan Reitman's Ghostbusters 3.

Only a year ago, Ivan Reitman, who was still attached to helm the eagerly anticipated Ghostbusters sequel, sent an email to Sony that revealed the title of the new movie, as well as several names of actors he wanted for his film. This email was -- of course -- sent to Amy Pascal, containing the second draft of the movie (which was written by Men in Black 3 scribe Etan Cohen), as well as notes on the potential cast.

At the time, there were no talks yet of an all-female Ghostbusters, and Reitman (who had directed Ghostbusters in 1985 and Ghostbusters II in 1989) was still attached to produce and direct the film. There’s not many details about the plot, but the movie would have seen the return of original cast members Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson, who would have handed the franchise over to a new generation.

Sadly, Harold Ramis died in February of this year and Reitman left the project, citing both the beloved actor's death as well as Bill Murray’s lack of interest in the movie as the impetus behind him dropping the whole thing. Then the rest fell apart faster than you could say "Ghostbusters," before news finally came a few months back that Sony was finally going ahead with Ghostbusters 3, but that it would get the reboot treatment with a female cast and Paul Feig as the movie's director.

So, what was the proposed title for Ivan Reitman’s third Ghostbusters flick? It was Ghostbusters: Alive Again. Not an awesome title, but not a bad one, either. Sort of a play on the fact that the team’s back together again 25 years later, and that they bust dead people for a living.

Now, the brief character descriptions below are not taken from Ivan Reitman's email but are from a character breakdown reported back in April by The Wrap's Jeff Sneider. What’s important about it is that the descriptions match the characters that were listed in Reitman's email and so give us a tiny glimpse into what could have been.

Chris: He was to be the son of Bill Murray's character Peter Venkman. Reitman was apparently considering Adam Pally (The Mindy Project), Charlie Day (Pacific Rim) and Jesse Eisenberg (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) for the role. Reitman told Pascal: “I have met with all three, and frankly this is the piece of casting I'm the most unsure about.”

Jeremy: This character was described as “the leader of the younger generation of Ghostbusters.” Reitman had only Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street) in mind for the part, and said he was to meet with the actor soon to give him the script to read.

Anna: A doctor and the lead female character, Reitman apparently met with two actresses for the role. They are Brie Larson (The Gambler) and Catwoman herself, Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises). He said both Larson and Hathaway "expressed a strong desire to do it."

Dean: The inevitable comic relief, Dean would have been an older man (whatever that means). Reitman had Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) in mind for the role and was set to meet him.

Ashley: Was a minor role and nothing is known about her besides the fact that Reitman met with Australian comedian Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect) and that she wanted to do it.

Joni and Jon: Ivan Reitman had in mind Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreations for those two characters. Nothing else is known about them.

Now, on to the pièce de résistance: Who was to be the movie’s villain.

Gniewko (this is the name on Reitman’s list) or Eniewko (if we look at the casting agency’s breakdown): He was to be the movie’s Big Bad, and Ivan Reitman had his mind set on Sacha Baron Cohen, of Borat fame, but he apparently never approached the actor. Amy Pascal, on the other hand, had someone else entirely in mind for the dastardly role: Will Ferrell. But Reitman didn’t think Ferrell would be “effective” in the role. He may have been quite right about that one, depending on what the role demanded besides being that of the VILLAIN.

So what do you guys think? Any of the actors listed above you would have liked to see in Ivan Reitman's dead-as-a-doornail Ghostbuster 3? And what do you think of the title?

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