Here's an upbeat update on that long, long-delayed Space: 1999 reboot

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Jan 29, 2014

Eagle One is still circling, but it may end up landing with a recent news flash on the refreshed version of Space:1999, now called Space 2099, because ... well, just figure it out.  In an official update on the project's website, executive producer Jace Hall of HDFilms explained what the heck's been going on this past year and what to expect in the near future.  The original British TV series, starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, ran from 1975 to 1977, chronicling the plight of Moonbase Alpha after a nuclear waste explosion knocked the moon out of Earth orbit, sending it hurtling into the great beyond.  Special FX miniatures and models were stunning for their pre-Star Wars time. 

Hall is confident the reboot's script is coming together and being shopped for a home network, but reminds everyone that this is NOT a darker retread of the same material covered in Space: 1999, but maintains the spirit of that popular original program.

Here's what he had to say:

Space 2099‘s goal is not to attempt to re-tell the specific story of Space: 1999. We are not trying to make some “dark and gritty” version of Space: 1999.  There is no reason to  re-tell    the Space: 1999 story since we already have Space: 1999! However, through our new story and presentation, Space 2099 hopes to re-kindle and remind fans of those memories of a show from 35 years ago, but more importantly help bring back to all science fiction fans that sense of awe, fear and incredible spectacle that is the unknown, unexplored universe. It is important that we endeavor to bring something new and exciting to the table.  Space 2099 is more serialized in story than Space: 1999.

Character progression and story telling can now have meaningful long arcs and significant impact. Certainly, each episode will be a new challenge or discovery, but the way that these events are handled will have longer term effect and implication on our characters and their environment.  Additionally, we have gained some insight by reading and listening to the Space: 1999 community in terms of some thoughts, concerns, fears, and assumptions that can and will be made as the Space 2099 story is digested.

Knowing some of this has helped us craft an even more compelling story and universe, putting in twists and turns that specifically will tap into some of these fan assumptions and then suddenly shatter them with a completely unexpected turn of events. It’s exciting stuff.

You can read the entire update on the Space 2099 site, but it seems from the promotional posters that many of the same design elements remain.  Does this sound like a huge stall tactic, or do you think this space show may eventually launch?  Fingers crossed!

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