Here's what happened in the Pacific Rim ending we didn't get to see

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Jul 15, 2013, 5:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Monsters, robots, and ... romance? Well, almost!

Guillermo del Toro did with Pacific Rim something he, apparently, does -- film multiple endings. Why? According to del Toro, it has to do with the characters played by Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi.

When I was working on the movie we had three or four different versions of the relationship between Charlie and Rinko because I wanted to see if I could make a story about two people liking each other without having to end in a kiss.

That's a pretty noble goal. Just because two soldiers are of opposite gender doesn't mean things have to become overtly romantic. But that doesn't mean del Toro didn't consider it.

So when I shot the ending we shot three versions. I’ve never done this before, but instinctively I thought we should do three versions. We did one version where they kiss and it almost felt weird. They’re good friends, they’re pals, good colleagues.

Our gut tells us Guillermo made the right call. But what do you think?

(via Comic Book Movie)