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Here's what an honest World War Z trailer woulda shoulda been like

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Sep 18, 2013, 4:29 PM EDT (Updated)

World War Z stormed onto the silver screen with little resemblance to Max Brooks' novel of survival during the last great zombie conflict. The debate rages on concerning reasons for the stitched-together World Health Organization ending versus an insane Moscow mega-battle in the blood-washed snow and the need for tonal consistencies and blah, blah, blah.  

What we're left with, besides the actual title, is Brad Pitt as a globetrotting, scarf-wearing, Spanish-speaking, sharpshooting, head-bashing, stay-at-home dad who flips a mean stack of pancakes. This latest Honest Trailer cuts to the quick of nonsensical coincidences, zombie movie cliches and implausible plot sinkholes, all wrapped up in a head-scratching climax centering around bad science and zombie camouflage. 

Have a look, weep softly at the roster of pure awesome left out of the film, and pray that a few of them somehow shuffle into the sequel.

(Via You Bent My Wookie)