Here's what Tom Hiddleston said about Thor: Ragnarok. Last year.

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Nov 11, 2014

Before it was officially announced that Marvel was making Thor: Ragnarok a short while back, Tom Hiddleston already had a pretty good idea where the third Thor flick should head next.

Back in November 2013, when Thor: The Dark World took the audience by thunderstorm, Hiddles gave an interview with MovieWeb in which he talked about where the Thor storyline should go (hint: Ragnarok), hinting that his fourth (or his fifth -- if you count the possible Avengers: Age of Ultron cameo) turn as that pesky God of Mischief would tackle the end of all things.

Here's what Tom Hiddleston said of the Ragnarok storyline:

“I think there are very interesting things that happen. In the mythology, when you get into Ragnarok, which is the 'end of all things', it's not the end of the world...It's the end of time, and the universe, and space. And I think, if I am correct...Loki essentially, sets that in motion. And his motivation for doing so is intriguing and he almost becomes the incarnation of chaos, in a way...So I think that can be quite new.”

The actor also hinted at the possible inclusion of Sigyn, who happens to be Loki’s wife, both in the Norse myths and the Marvel comics:

“In the myth, he has a wife called Sigyn who protects him from a poison serpent who is dripping venom into his mouth. And she has a bowl over his mouth and of course the bowl keeps filling up and she has to empty it, and so his damnation could be interesting. I don't know...I mean, Loki is a character who's existed in popular consciousness for 3,000 years, so there are many, many iterations I could explore...It's just a question of whether audiences would want to see him again.”

Seems like the end of Age of Ultron will be setting up Chris Hemsworth’s third solo effort as everyone’s favorite God of Thunder, and that there will be many, many character deaths. Co-writer Christopher Yost took to Twitter recently to write “Ragnarok is the end of all things. What are we supposed to do, let people live?!”

Thor: Ragnarok is set to hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

(MovieWeb via Comic Book Movie)

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